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What are poppers made out of

What are poppers made out of

You can get different types of poppers our poppers inhalers on our website. Poppers are mainly used for relaxing during anal sex. This way, you will be able to relax better and this sex can be experienced as more pleasurable. You can read more about the effects of poppers in another blog below. We offer different types of poppers on our website, so there are many different types of poppers available. All these poppers consist of a number of ingredients. These ensure that poppers get the effects they have today. But what exactly are these ingredients of poppers? And what are poppers made of? In this blog, we will tell you more about it!

The main ingredient of poppers

Poppers consist, among other things, of amyl nitrite. This ingredient originally comes from the medical world. Amyl nitrite has a vasodilatory effect, so it is mainly used for heart diseases or a narrowing of the coronary artery, for example. Because of this vasodilator effect, amyl nitrite is now also one of the main ingredients in poppers. As the drug causes blood vessels to dilate and blood pressure to drop, muscle tissue will relax and blood flow will be improved. This in turn contributes to that relaxing feeling during sexual contact.

Other ingredients

The market of poppers is constantly changing. So, naturally, the ingredients of poppers do too. Besides amyl nitrite, there are a number of other common ingredients. These are Isopropyl nitrite or Pentyl nitrite. There are also poppers that consist of a mix of different nitrites. You can read in another blog on our website whether nitrate is bad for your health.

Isobutyl is considered the strength ingredient used in poppers. However, it is no longer widely used. This is mainly because the UK put Isobutyl on the list of substances that are potentially carcinogenic. Nowadays, Isopropyl nitrite is often used instead of Isobutyl, the effects of which are considered weaker.

The risks of the ingredients

Because the ingredients of poppers have an effect on blood flow in your body, using them can carry risks. For instance, people with vascular and heart problems should not take poppers. In fact, this can have serious consequences. In addition, poppers should also not be combined with other drugs such as cocaine or speed. This is because this combination is also a very big strain on both your blood vessels and your heart. The regular and very heavy dosage of poppers can therefore lead to cardiac arrhythmia or a fall in consciousness.

Would you like more information about the safety of poppers or about using poppers? Or would you like to know the best way to approach the use of poppers? You can read more about it on our website.

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