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Are poppers safe?

Are poppers safe?

When you are interested in trying poppers, you may want to know more about the product itself. For instance, is it safe to use poppers and if not, what are the side effects that may occur? Generally speaking, using poppers is completely safe if you do this in a responsible way. This means low doses of the substance and no combining of other substances while using poppers. However, to get more clarification about the effects of safe poppers, we will give you more information about this substance, how you can use it and how long the effects will last.

Is there a safe way to use poppers?

Poppers contain highly toxic chemicals, which can not be ingested. If this happens, the person will feel an increasingly painful burn like pain. Which can eventually lead to death. To counter these deathly effects, it is recommended to not drink the liquid, but instead choose to sniff it. Poppers will start to evaporate at room temperature, therefore sniffing poppers is very easy to do so. Simply add some of the liquid to a cloth and carefully sniff the released fumes. These fumes contain propyl nitrite, which will give you a rush of energy and give your body a rush of dopamine!

Safe poppers, do they exist?

Generally speaking, all poppers can be classified as safe poppers, including small, medium and large doses. However, it is important to note that this only applies when the user knows what he or she is doing. If this is not the case, then using the substance will come with its own dangers. We highly recommend to only use a bit of the substance and never take an extra dose. Since the duration of the effects is fairly short, people tend to take an extra dose to feel the effects again. However in most situations this does not go as expected and may increase the chances of experiencing side-effects.

Poppers and drugs tests

Many people ask themselves: do poppers show up on drugs tests? Sometimes you have to present a drugs test and proof that you are 100% clean of any drug related substances. There could be  various reasons why you have to do a drugs test. For instance: applying for a particular job, undergoing a surgery or training for a (professional) game. However, unlike opioids, marihuana or MDMA, poppers contain amyl nitrite which does not show up on a drugs test. Therefore you don’t have to worry that such a drugs test is able to trace back your poppers use and turns out to be positive.

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