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Jungle Juice

If you use poppers regularly then you will be familiar with the well-known poppers brand Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice has released several types of poppers that are sure to awaken your inner lion. Just smell one of the exquisite aromas and you will be the king and queen of your jungle! Discover the power of these poppers and experience the benefits that Jungle Juice can give you! Order your Jungle Juice quickly and conveniently at, and get it delivered quickly and discreetly.

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Lockerroom Poppers Jungle Juice Plus 15ml - BOX 24 bottles

Poppers Jungle Juice Plus 15ml - BOX 24 bottles

€79,95 €71,95
Sale -10%
Lockerroom Poppers Jungle Juice Blue 10ml - BOX 24 bottles

Poppers Jungle Juice Blue 10ml - BOX 24 bottles

€74,95 €67,45
Sale -10%
Lockerroom Poppers Jungle Juice Plus 30ml - BOX 12 bottles

Poppers Jungle Juice Plus 30ml - BOX 12 bottles

€62,50 €56,25

Me Tarzan, you Jane?

The well-known brand Jungle Juice has been on the market for years. The bottles are extremely popular and the experts are all enthusiastic about the effects of Jungle Juice. There are several varieties of Jungle Juice on the market that you should definitely try. Relax completely with Jungle Juice Platinum or let all of your inhibitions disappear with Jungle Juice Plus. Want an even better experience? Then go for Jungle Juice Gold, and discover an intense and exciting experience inside or outside the door. The choice is yours! Moreover, each Jungle Juice popper has its own exquisite aroma.

About Jungle juice poppers

The internationally renowned Jungle Juice poppers are produced by the best-known poppers manufacturer, Locker room. The manufacturer has been a market leader in poppers since the 1970s and 1980s. One of the ways they do this is by adding a scent to each formula of these poppers and then making them excellent. Within this type of poppers they also use nitrite, which reduces the oxygen level in the blood. Apart from the standard varieties, there are also the Jungle Juice Black Labeland Jungle Juice Platinum. These are both pentyl nitrite and propyl nitrite based. Both provide their own unique effects!

Bulk purchases of Jungle Juice poppers

Are you looking for a larger quantity of Jungle Juice poppers or Blue Boy Poppers? We can help you with that too. In our wholesale webshop, you can easily buy larger quantities of juice bottles. It is just as cheap as ordering at and, of course, delivered very quickly! Also, these large packs come in convenient boxes, with easy-to-open packaging.

Hazard warning

The effects of poppers increase your libido, and it provides a short-lived feeling of bliss and relaxation while using them. They are therefore perfect for an adventurous evening between the sheets! Do make sure that you use poppers in the correct way. You should never drink poppers, instead inhale the damp directly from the bottle or through a special poppers inhaler. Ingestion of this liquid through the mouth or eyes can cause severe irritation, and if taken orally, can even lead to poisoning. In addition, you should NEVER use poppers in combination with any other soft or hard drug. This includes Viagra and other erection drugs!

After using poppers you may experience unwanted effects. These include fatigue, nausea, headaches and difficulty in seeing clearly. Be sensible!


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