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Why should you use a poppers inhaler

Why should you use a poppers inhaler

If you are familiar with poppers, you may have noticed that it’s not very user-friendly. In order to feel the effects of poppers, you have to inhale the poppers liquid. However, inhaling this liquid is easier said than done. It can quickly evaporate at room temperature and therefore it has to be done very carefully. To make the inhaling of poppers easier, you can use a poppers inhaler.

It helps you inhale the solution

As the name suggests, a poppers inhaler helps you with inhaling the poppers. Normally you have to be very careful with inhaling the poppers solution, as it will quickly dissolve. A poppers inhaler prevents the solution from dissolving too quickly, and therefore can be very useful.

No more spilling your precious poppers

An inhaler for poppers will also prevent spillage of the substance. The useful instrument can easily be filled with the poppers of your choice and since its resistance to the liquid, it will not leak.

An inhaler for poppers will make your life easier

Using poppers is always a hassle. You can’t drink the liquid because then you die , simple as that. Trying to sniff the solution from your bottle, will most likely not work.  Since the liquid needs to be stored in a cooled place, it is not very resistant to higher temperatures. Even room temperature will make inhaling poppers a hassle. Furthermore, using a cloth for your poppers isn’t always possible. Therefore, its better to use a special inhaler for your poppers.

Different poppers inhalers and how to use them

There are different sorts of poppers inhalers available for purchase, but they will all work exactly the same. The only difference can be seen in use of material or use of a certain color. Using a poppers inhaler is not rocket science. You simply screw off the lid of the inhaler and put some cloth, paper or any other  absorbing fabric in it. Now you take the poppers and put it on the absorbent material. To use the inhaler, you simply re-attach the lid to the inhaler. Now you can place the inhaler in your nose and inhale the solution!


Please be aware that poppers should always be used correctly. It is strongly advised to sniff the liquid and not drink or consume the liquid in any other way. Ingestion of this liquid through the nose, mouth or eyes can lead to irritation. Poppers should not be used in combination with Viagra or other soft or hard drugs.

If you experience any unwanted symptoms after the usage of poppers? These include headaches, problems with your vision, nausea, of fatigue. When you have symptoms, it is strongly advised to stop using the popper immediately. When the symptoms are getting stronger, of not fading away, you should contact a doctor.


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