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The effects of poppers on anal sex

The effects of poppers on anal sex

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How poppers enhance your (s)experience!

Anal sex can be quite a painful experience, especially when you do it for the first time. This has to do with your anus, as it is a very tight space. Opening this space is not easy and will require more experience. Luckily, poppers can help you with making this situation a lot more bearable and therefore a lot more pleasurable. Using poppers for anal sex has a lot of advantages, we will describe these in this blog.

Become relaxed by using poppers for anal sex

Using anal poppers will take you into a relaxed state, in which you can easily feel relaxed and as a consequence have fewer issues with stiff muscles. Instead, it relaxes the muscles of your whole body, including the muscles that control your anus. During this effect, it will be easier to put objects in your butthole, like vibrators, anal toys and of course the penis.

The effect of poppers and sex

Anal sex will be a lot more enjoyable for both the receiver and the giver. Therefore, poppers can be seen as the ultimate sex toy. The effects of using poppers will start to wear off quickly. In most cases, the effects will be the most intense during the first couple of minutes after consuming the poppers. After this peak, the poppers sex toy effect will slowly start decreasing and the positive effects will fade away. Eventually, when the poppers have worn out, you will become a bit more sleepy and will have the urge of going to bed. Which is great for the closing of the night!

The difference between types of poppers

There are a lot of different popper anal brands available, but how do they differ from each other? Although the main ingredient is alkyl nitrite, most poppers will contain other ingredients as well. This can differ from aroma’s to completely other substances. For instance, Gold rush poppers contain a bit of caffeine, which will give you the “rush effect”. Amsterdam poppers, on the other hand, contain propyl nitrite, which creates a longer euphoric feeling after using the substance.

What else can be done to enhance your sexual experiences?

There are more ways to reach the desired anal sex experience. One alternative option is by using special anal lubricant. This lubricant contains a small dose of muscle relaxer, which makes your anal muscle relax and therefore make it easier to open your anus. However, the best anal dilator you have to choose for yourself by trying out the different methods!

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