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PWD Poppers Gold Rush Extreme Formula 30ml - BOX 18 bottles

PWD Poppers Gold Rush Extreme Formula 30ml - BOX 18 bottles

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The Popper Gold Rush Extreme Formula provides more excitement, more relaxation and a deliciously warm feeling. Read more..

Product description

Are you in need of a new erotic adventure? Then the gold rush popper from Wholesale Aromas, could be the product you are looking for! The popper gold rush gives you more relaxation and gives you a wonderful warm feeling. Using rush poppers can be the solution for you and your partner. Discover the benefits of gold rush poppers here and order them today!

What are rush poppers

Poppers have been around for a while, but have recently become very popular. They have received a huge increase in attention recently. One of the best-known brands are rush poppers. They are high-quality poppers that give the rush you crave. In our selection, you have plenty of different options. Since rush popper is a popular variety in our assortment, we have many different products under this brand. These can range from an original rush popper, to a more intense rush popper. One popular kind of rush popper is the Gold Rush popper.

Gold Rush popper

The gold rush popper from Wholesale Aromas has the perfect aromas and good effects. With this rush popper, you can release all inhibitions and discover a new world of erotic adventures. After trying it once, you won't be able to get enough. That's why we offer a discount box of 18 bottles at a competitive price.

A quality product

We don't just sell products, we make sure the quality is good. We feel a great responsibility to our customers to use the products in a safe way. Therefore, all of our products are extensively tested. Testing allows us to ensure quality and safety.

Because of our connections with several poppers suppliers, we can offer our customers low prices on bulk purchases, usually with the options of 16, 18 or 24 vials of poppers. In addition, our products are available all over the world. Whether you live inside or outside Europe, our products can be delivered to your home. We offer you a quality product for the best price!


Using poppers is of course recommended and gives your sex life an extra boost, but it is very important to use poppers in a safe way. Use poppers wisely and do not combine it with other substances such as Viagra or drugs. This can have very dangerous consequences.

If you are a beginner with poppers, it is advisable to start with a small dose. The longer you use the products, the more you can start trying out by buying a stronger dose, for example, to experience a more intense sensation. The popper Gold Rush Extreme Formula has such a strong formula that it is not suitable for beginners. Therefore, start smaller with the Poppers Gold Rush first. When you eventually have more experience with poppers, you can move on to the more extreme poppers.

Gold Rush poppers at Wholesale Aromas

Wholesale Aromas is a retailer of aromas and poppers based in the Netherlands. We have an extensive range in terms of poppers. We have a number of popular brands such as: Rush and Jungle Juice, but also slightly less known brands such as: Blue Boy and Black Tiger. The poppers are available in the sizes small, medium and large.

To purchase all types of poppers you can take a look at our webshop and order your favorite products quickly and easily. When ordering, there are of course shipping costs involved. The shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the order and the country of destination.

Easy payment

As mentioned before, we deliver worldwide. Anyone in the world can order our products and enjoy high-quality products with intense experiences. We can assure you that all our products are delivered with discretion. To provide our customers with a smooth ordering process, we offer different payment options. For example, customers can pay with Visa, as well as PayPal and Discover card.

We try to cater to our customers' wants and needs as much as possible. If you still have questions or still prefer to get some additional information, before ordering the products? Please feel free to contact us!


Poppers Gold Rush Extreme Formula 30ml - BOX 18 bottles

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The Popper Gold Rush Extreme Formula provides more excitement, more relaxation and a deliciously war..

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