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All in our shop offered aromas (misleadingly defined as poppers) are sold as room fragrances and are original articles produced by different manufacturers.



We guarantee the purity of our aromas, which are produced according to the EU norms.

However, we do not endorse in any way the abuse of our products as aphrodisiacs and sex stimulants or any other improper handling.

Every single liquid aroma sold on our Wholesale is a room fragrance and is absolutely not to be inhaled directly from the bottle.



The use of liquid aromas is legal in many nations, however, there may be restrictions on trade in various countries. Based on different national legislation, it may be possible that you are not allowed to import some of the offered products into your country. It's your own responsibility to inform yourself prior to your order. Please make sure to check the current legislation in your country before buying or importing any product. By proceeding with your order, you declare to be at least 18 years old, to be properly informed about the use and side effects of the products you are buying and to have read carefully and accepted our Terms of Business. You hereby relieve the Wholesale Aromas, their employees, suppliers and all connected persons of all responsibility for any damage due to misuse of products shipped by us.



Look for the JJ logo on all our NEW and IMPROVED packaging.  Our packaging is slowly moving from labels to a full body sleeve.   


Check for our company address: Lockerroom Marketing Ltd. 694 Derwent Way, Delta, BC V3M 5P8 Canada


Look for our new 30ml size, you will find it in a NEW 30ml round bottle.




If you're still not sure, please verify on our website as it provides you with both the ORIGINAL look and the NEW and IMPROVED look. Thank you again for your LOYAL support.




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